Actionable SEO Technique to Boost Your Website Traffic

11/10/2021 12:00 AM by SEOpursuits Team in Seo guides

Are you struggling to boost your ranking and thereby to attract more organic traffic to your site? Don't know how? Have tried this and that and could not found solid result? Here I shall discuss why does this happen to many beginners online marketers. Even this happned to me. Here are the step by step actionalble plan to increase your site visitors from 100 viistis per year to 1000 visits per month. 

Although I don't consider myself an SEO expert, I have managed to produce solid results for my other niche websites using some techniques that I believe can increase visibility to most websites. These are just a few of my favorite SEO techniques. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I believe that if we all work together, it will help our sites to attract more organic visitors to our sites. Here are top 5 actionable techniques to follow:

  • Blog articles that address keyword-specific questions and phrases can be added to the mix

    • Although I am aware that many people have blog articles on their websites, I find them to be random or not focused at specific keywords or niches. You can increase your search visibility and the number of keywords that you appear for while driving qualified leads by creating blogs that target industry-related questions. One example: I manage a blog about gardening for one of my local gardening customers. I often create blogs around questions like "What is vertical gardening" or "How much does a new vartical gardening project cost"

  • Make individual pages for services & locations

    • Many websites tend to group services and locations on one page. Although this sounds great and saves time, it can also hurt your website's search visibility. It can be difficult to target specific keywords or phrases for each service or location if they are all on the same page. To increase your visibility and search presence for each keyword, you can create a drop-down menu that includes individual pages for each location and service. This will make it easier to target.

  • Each page should be considered a homepage

    • Although this tip is somewhat similar to the previous, it focuses more on link building. Many websites that have individual pages aren't as organized and structured as their homepage. They leave it empty of links and content. Every back page should be treated as your homepage to increase its ranking. To generate external SEO power, ensure that it contains a lot of creative content and also build links to them.

  • Consider for Guest Posting

    • Guest posting on other websites can be a great way to get backlinks, increase referral traffic and improve search engine result pages (SERP). Before pitching, you should research the websites in your industry.

      First, examine the content of a website and ensure it is high quality. Next, verify its domain authority. Finally, review their guest post guidelines. Ask the publication whether they will promote the post on Facebook and if they will tag you.

  • Publish Useful Industry tool

    • It is a great way of driving more traffic to your site by giving prospects something they can use. We created free SEO tools here at our SEOpursuits site and it was available for everyone to use for free. We created these tools to help marketers optimize their sites easily.

      You can create tools and content that will help others in your industry. Then, offer them to their customers for free on their sites. You can increase your return and get new leads by posting gated content/tools. This is where you offer the content or tools for free in exchange for their contact information. Promoting the content/tools in relevant LinkedIn Groups and forums where professionals are involved is another way to increase website traffic.

These are just five tips that I have used to increase website traffic in addition to my other SEO principles. Although I didn't intend to write more pages of content, I did my best and I hope you found this helpful.

You are welcome here to share your own strategy to increase your website traffic. Your comments are welcome.


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