Save your writing time by rewriting your sentences with Word Changer

Ever feel like you're spinning your wheels when you sit down to write? Word Changer offers a new solution. This software is one of the many tools that allow you to save time and rewrite sentences with ease. Word Changer promises to save you lots of time - or at least it can in relative terms. This software claims that it can do everything as well as a human writer, but without all the hassle of rewriting your sentences and worrying about spelling mistakes. For example, if you have an...
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How to Change Case of Text

Text can be in one of two cases - upper case or lower case. The upper case is the default text case for most fonts and is typically used to indicate that a word is being shouted or needs to stand out for some other reason. Lower case is the standard text case for most fonts and is often used if you’d like to underline words or phrases to indicate they are important. undefined font family Specifies the font to use in the Text. This property accepts a string that...
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Free Grammar Checker & Online Text Editor

In computer terms, a grammar-checker is an application or component of an application that attempts to verify the accuracy of written text. It checks for grammar, punctuation and spelling. Many programs are made up of many components. Each component focuses on a particular set of conventions or rules to ensure that you don't misspell words and make sense of them. The majority of logic-based checkers can be found in English/ Spanish/ Macedonian, such as English/Spanish Checker or Pimsleur. Some checkers, like Grammar Checker or Word Checker, are also available in French...
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