Ranking For Generally Relevant Keywords - SEO Tips to Help You Get There

10/13/2021 12:00 AM by SeoPursuits Team in Seo guides

When you begin to analyze your website and its search engine rankings, you need to understand that the overall look and feel of your website is far more important than simple tricks for getting high search engine rankings.

Ranking for a completely irrelevant keyword sounds like a great idea, but your potential customers are probably going to find you anyway, so you are not focusing your efforts towards completely irrelevant search terms.

Look at your competition

Take a look at the websites of your competitors. Did they optimize their websites well? Do they have a strong title and description tags? Do they use H1 and H2 tags throughout their websites?

If your competitors are ranking high for completely irrelevant terms, then you know that you can beat them by doing a few simple things better.

Start using on-page optimization

The first step is to optimize each and every page of your website.

Then, make sure that each page has a good ranking for a relevant keyword.

Use strong internal links on your website

The best way to tell if you have strong internal links is to use Google's Page Rank tool.

Basically, get another website's hyperlink to your site and let Google analyze the link.

If your link is on a high page rank site, it will be like getting a vote on a big important webpage. The more votes your page gets, the more important your webpage is in Google's eyes.

Finally, look for some deep links

Where is that link placed? Do numerous hyperlinks point to the same URL? If your link is placed on a page with 100 hyperlinks, then it is probably not a good link for your website.

A deep link is a hyperlink that points to a page of your site. Deep links are particularly important for websites that have a lot of information on their pages.

A good example of deep linking.

This is a common link on websites: "click here".

A deep link is #1 on Google for the term "click here". yielding 2 search engine optimization benefits, (1) you are optimizing your page for a keyword, and (2) the link is on a page containing lots of relevant information and a lot of backlinks for the term "click here".

Make your site easy to navigate

How is your website structured? Do you have a lot of information on one page? Google doesn't like to rank your website high if you have a lot of unrelated links on one page.

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links: links are a powerful way to achieve popularity; they also serve as a reference to your web site. if the linking is done in a deceptive manner, Google may remove your site from its index or take other actions against you.


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