Best Free Blogging Platforms for Creating Your Own Free Blog Sites

Thinking about launching your own blog but not sure where to start? With a myriad of platforms available, finding the perfect one can be daunting. This guide will unmask the top-notch free blogging platforms in 2023, sharing key features and benefits that could turn your writing aspiration into reality.

Ready to uncover the world of blogging? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • There are many free platforms for blogging. The top ones in 2023 are Wix, WordPress, LinkedIn, Weebly, Medium and Instagram.
  • All the blogging sites have key features and benefits. Some help you network or provide niche tools to help your blog shine.
  • To pick a platform best for your goals think about: what you want from your blog; who you’re talking to; what features fit best; if it looks good on phones; if the rules suit you.
  • For a great blog: choose a catchy name; use SEO and keywords well; write high-quality content that keeps readers hooked! Also don’t forget sharing on social media.

The Top Free Blogging Platforms in 2023

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In 2023, the top free blogging platforms that continue to offer great features and user experience include Wix, WordPress, LinkedIn, Weebly, Medium and Instagram.


Wix tops the list of free blogging platforms in 2023. It lets you build blogs and other types of sites too. Niche bloggers love Wix for its fit to their needs. With many design templates, you can make your blog look just how you want it to be.

A cool tool is the blog name generator that helps in finding a catchy title for your blog. Wix is easy to use with its user-friendly interface and content management features. Lots of people choose it over others because it works well and comes free!


WordPress is a top choice for bloggers. It powers 34% of websites on the internet, so you know it’s good. You can use it to make free blog sites with ease. WordPress has many tools and templates at your disposal.

This makes your site look how you want it.

This platform is very user-friendly too. If you want options for SEO or need mobile designs, WordPress has them! It even lets you earn money from your blog if that’s what you’re after.

Plus, sharing to social media from WordPress is easy peasy! Just one more reason why WordPress ranks among the best in 2023.


LinkedIn is a top choice for free blog sites in 2023. It stands out as the best platform for professionals. You can create your own blog site on LinkedIn with no costs at all. Many creatives find it to be one of the best blogging platforms available.

It’s great for making strong work links, sharing skills, and showing off big ideas. This makes LinkedIn a good choice both now and in the future years like 2023!


Weebly is a top choice for bloggers in 2023. It’s a free blogging platform that both people and companies love to use. You can build amazing blogs on Weebly with no trouble at all! This site also has plans you need to pay for, which offer even more benefits.

Many think its the easiest place to blog, even compared to big names like Wix or WordPress. Give Weebly a try if you’re looking for an easy way into the world of blogging!


Medium is a top pick in 2023 for free blogging platforms. This popular choice lets you make and change your blog at no cost. Many people in the blogging community love it because it is easy to use.

It has helped millions of people start blogs online. Medium’s friendly look draws many users to start their online blogging journey here.


Instagram is a top pick for free blogging in 2023. It’s not just for photos anymore. You can use it to share ideas, thoughts, and stories with your followers. Its user-friendly setup makes it easy to start a blog even if you are new to coding.

This platform shines when used by pros. If you’re into fashion, fitness or food blogging, Instagram provides features that suit these fields well. You can also grow your blog rapidly due its huge base of users.

Features and Benefits of Each Platform

A variety of devices display blogging platforms in a bustling atmosphere.

Every platform offers a unique set of features and benefits, from customization options for those who desire a personalized blog to niche-specific tools for targeted blogging. Some platforms like LinkedIn provide professional networking features, beneficial for business bloggers.

Instagram is known for its visual appeal, perfect for artists and designers, while Wix and WordPress stand out with their ease of use and extensive design choices. Certain platforms also open up possibilities for monetization – an appealing factor to consider when choosing your ideal blogging platform.

Customization options

You can make your blog stand out with customization options. Many free platforms offer tools that let you change the look of your blog. You can pick from a lot of designs and colors.

WordPress gives users lots of choices to be creative. Tumblr also makes it easy for blogs to have a unique look. If you want more control, think about self-hosted blogs. They give more ways to tweak your blog’s features and tools.

With Squarespace, there are around 140 templates you can use to craft a cool design for your blog.

Niche-specific tools

Niche-specific tools help bloggers stand out in their chosen field. For instance, WordPress provides special features for all kinds of blogs. If you love food and want to start a food blog, there are templates just for you! You can show off your tasty dishes with style.

Tech bloggers have their own set of tools too. This makes it easier to talk about the latest gadgets and software. Using these tools will make your blog look professional and appealing to readers who share your interests.

Professional networking features

Professional networking features help you grow your blog. They make it easy to meet others online. You can share ideas with them and learn from them too. It’s like getting more friends who like the same things you do.

These features boost your blog in many ways. You get more people to see your work without knowing how to code a website. Your blog posts can also show up on social media, making you known by even more people! This is great for bloggers as well as for businesses that want more visitors on their websites.

Social media integration makes it simple to take what you write and use it again elsewhere online.

Visual appeal

Visual appeal is key. It draws in readers and keeps them engaged. Blogs need good looks, not just great content. Tools for design can make all the difference. Customizable themes help create a blog’s unique style.

Layouts should be neat and easy to navigate. Use quality images to draw more attention to your posts. Make sure your blog is pleasing and fun to look at! This will make people stay longer on your site, read more of your posts, and come back again soon.

Ease of use

Using a blog platform should be simple. Sites like Strikingly and Blogger make this easy. They have clear, easy to use setups. You don’t need special tech skills to get started. Some sites even let you drag and drop items to customize your blog.

This is handy if you want a certain look for your site. Many platforms make sure their design works well on mobiles too. So, bloggers can work from their phone or tablet without trouble.

Potential for monetization

Earning money from a blog is not hard. Some free blogging platforms link to Google Adsense. This lets bloggers make ad income. Other ways to earn include sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

You can also sell digital products on some sites. But, take note! Free blogs have limits when it comes to making money online compared to self-hosted blogs. They don’t support ecommerce options that well yet this could change soon in time.

How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Blog

Choosing the right blogging platform hinges on identifying your blogging goals, understanding your target audience’s preferences, evaluating each platform’s unique features and mobile compatibility, as well as reviewing their terms and conditions.

Unpack these essential considerations further for a flawless blogging journey by reading on!

Determine your blogging goals

You must set your blogging goals first. Know why you want to start a blog. Some do it for fun, others want to earn cash. Or, maybe you have a small business and need more clients. It’s also okay if you’re not sure yet! Try different things until you find what makes you happy and helps reach your goals.

Make sure the platform supports these objectives as it will help in finding the best fit much easier.

Consider your target audience

Your blog needs to talk to the right people. These are your target audience. You have to know them well. What do they like? What do they need? You can learn this by looking at other blogs and brands that they follow.

This will help with your influencer marketing too. It’s a key part of picking the best platform for you. Some platforms may fit your audience better than others. Keep in mind, your blogging goals should match what your audience wants.

Evaluate the platform’s features

Look closely at what each blogging platform offers. WordPress is popular worldwide with its free usage. It lets you make a blog without any cost on Each platform has unique features that may fit your goals and needs better than others.

For instance, if you plan to grow and earn money from your blog, pick a platform that allows for scaling and monetizing. Think about what’s important for your blog before choosing the right platform.

Check for mobile compatibility

People use their phones to read blogs a lot. So, pick a blogging platform that works well on mobile devices too. Sites should look good and load fast on small screens. This is called mobile compatibility.

WordPress is great at this because it’s free and popular worldwide.

If your blog looks messy or slow on the phone, people will leave quickly. You do not want that! Make sure you check how your blog looks on different phones before picking a platform.

This step is key to create blogs that everyone loves to read!

Consider the platform’s terms and conditions

Check the platform’s terms and conditions. They tell you what you can or cannot do. This is an important step when choosing a blogging platform. Read them well to avoid trouble later on.

Some platforms have tough rules about selling stuff or using ads. Others control what kind of posts you can write or pictures you can use. Do not break these rules, they may stop your blog or even ban you from their site.

Tips for Creating a Successful Blog on a Free Platform

Boost the success of your blog on a free platform with these key strategies: select a unique, relevant name for your blog; amplify your online presence through solid SEO practices and effective keyword use; craft high-quality, engaging content to retain reader interest; and harness the power of social media for wider reach.

Dive deeper into each tactic in our detailed guide below!

Choose a catchy and relevant blog name

Picking a blog name is like naming a baby. It should be fun, creative and relevant to what your blog will talk about. Think about the words that best describe your topic. Try mixing and matching them to come up with something unique yet easy to remember.

You can use tools like blog name generators as well, if you need more ideas. A good blog name should tell people what they will find when they visit your site. Always make sure the name you choose is not already in use by someone else.

Focus on SEO and keywords

SEO and keywords form a strong bond. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps your blog reach more people on the web. Keywords play a big role in SEO. They are the words that people type into search engines like Google.

You can make your blog show up more often in search results by using these tools right. First, figure out what words or terms people might use to find your content online. This is called keyword analysis.

Then, put those words in many places on your blog page: titles, headings, URLs, meta tags and even image names.

Adding links to other parts of your website can also help lift you higher up the search list! Make sure to track how well you’re doing with site analytics tools too.

Create quality and engaging content

Make great content for your blog. It must be fun to read and full of good info. Your readers should want more after they finish reading a post. Give them ideas or tips that they can use right away.

This is what we call “engaging” content. Also, take care of the words you pick, the topic also needs to matter to your readers! This is “quality” in action — it shows how much you value your followers’ time and interest.

Utilize social media promotion

Use social media to make your blog popular. Share your posts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are great places for free promotion. Tell your friends about your new blog post.

Use hashtags that match what you talk about in your post. Do this every time you put up a new post on your blog. It will get more eyes on it! This can bring in lots of web traffic from people who may not know about you yet.


The world of blogging is full of options. From Tumblr to Wix, there’s a platform that fits everyone’s needs. So, find one that suits you and start your journey today! New doors will open with each blog post you write.