How to Start an Event Blog: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Have you ever wondered how to turn your passion for events into a profitable blog? The world of event blogging is both exciting and lucrative, with over 77% of internet users reading blogs regularly.

This article offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to start an event blog, focusing on identifying the right events, crafting compelling content, and effective monetization strategies.

Ready to dive in? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • An event blog lets you write about special events. It can make you a lot of money.
  • To start an event blog, pick your goals and a topic you love. Use WordPress to set it up. Write fun posts and share them online.
  • To pick the right event, think about what you know a lot about. Look for popular events in this area.
  • Make money with your blog by selling ads or products tied to the event. You can get partners to help too!

What is Event Blogging?

An event poster surrounded by props and decorations in a vibrant setting.Event blogging is a niche type of online writing that revolves around specific happenings, occasions, or phenomenons. This style captures the excitement and interest of an experience by documenting it through blog articles, photo galleries, event slides and more.

The content created for event blogs is typically time-sensitive and relevant to a specific subject or season, which can drive significant traffic generation during peak times. By offering engaging recaps and unique perspectives on popular events, successful event bloggers have built profitable platforms that offer readers valuable insights into their favorite occurrences.

Defining event blogging

Event blogging is a type of micro-niche blogging. It’s all about writing on event-based websites. You pick a special event or occasion and make posts about it on your blog. This could be anything from Christmas to the Super Bowl! The goal is to attract a targeted audience who are looking for information on these events.

Good promotion can help get lots of people to visit your blog during these times.

Benefits of event blogging

You may wonder why you should start an event blog. Here are the good things about it:

  1. You can earn a lot of money from event blogging. Some bloggers make over $10,000 in just one week.
  2. Event blogging lets you focus on special days or events that are coming up. You create content that fits these topics.
  3. With an event blog, many people can see your work. This helps you meet more people in your field.
  4. An event blog shows others that you know a lot about a certain topic.
  5. Blogs about events often have special information that other blogs don’t have. Your readers will love this!
  6. Starting an event blog can be hard, but it also has good parts to it too.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start an Event Blog

A laptop displaying a colorful event blog homepage with various faces.

Starting an event blog calls for clear goals and careful planning. Here is a quick guide on how to do it:

  1. Set your goals: Know what you want to achieve with your event blog. This will steer you in the right path.
  2. Choose your niche: Pick a field that interests you and has popular events.
  3. Decide on a blog platform: WordPress comes highly rated due to its user-friendly features.
  4. Create a catchy name for your blog: Make it related to your niche and easy to recall.
  5. Write effective blog posts: Use templates and tips that target the audience and customers well.
  6. Write an engaging event brief: Include an overview of the event and key steps to follow while writing this brief.
  7. Promote your blog: Make use of social media, email marketing, or other methods that direct people to your event blog.

How to Choose the Right Event to Blog About

Start by pinpointing your areas of interest and expertise, then conduct extensive research on popular events that align with these passions, ensuring you choose an event which will not only engage your audience but also provide enriching content for your blog.

Identifying your interests and expertise

Look into your heart. What do you love? What are you good at? These questions can help track your focus for event blogging. Your interests and skills play a key role in choosing the right topic for your blog.

Let’s say, if you love music and have been going to concerts since forever, then reviewing music events could be a perfect fit! It will also make it easier to create engaging content that people want to read.

This boosts your credibility as an event blogger too! So, dive deep into things you’re passionate about and use them to guide which events you cover on your blog.

Researching popular events

You have to check out a lot of events. Look for ones that many people like or go to often. Use the internet and social media to find them. Also, see what is going on near you. You can also ask your friends what kinds of events they like best.

Setting Up Your Event Blog

Select the right platform, such as WordPress, for your event blog. Ensure your content is compelling and relevant to attract readers. Promote your blog through various channels to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

Choosing a platform (WordPress recommended)

You need to pick a platform for your event blog. WordPress is a top choice. It is the biggest open-source system for content. This means it’s free and easy to use. Setting up on WordPress can make your brand more known and trusted.

It also helps with SEO, which makes your blog show up better in online searches. To start, you will have to make an account on WordPress.

Creating compelling content

To make a top-notch event blog, you must make exciting content. This means picking topics that your readers will love. Use your own voice and style to tell stories about the event.

Make sure your words pull in the reader and hold their interest. To do this, use fun facts or ask questions in your writes up. By doing so, you draw more eyes to your blog with engaging content! Plus, it can lead to better brand awareness and even new customers for any products or services linked to the event.

Use pictures and videos too as part of your content mix; they often say more than text alone can! Also important is making sure every write-up is fresh – no repeat information from older posts on the same event.

Lastly but very key, don’t keep it all serious: add humor where it fits! A laugh here and there makes for an enjoyable read which keeps people coming back for more!

In essence, creating compelling content takes work but pays off well when done right.

Promoting your blog

Promotion is key to building a successful event blog. Use different tools to tell more people about your blog. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for this.

You can also write guest posts on other blogs.

Sharing your content in online groups with the same interest can bring you more readers too. Email newsletters also help keep your audience up-to-date with new posts. Be sure to share each new post across these platforms for best results.

Strategies for Monetizing Your Event Blog

From utilizing affiliate marketing, forming sponsorships and partnerships, to exploring advertising opportunities and selling event-related products or services – there are a myriad of strategies that can transform your passion for sharing events into substantial income.

Continue reading to find out more on how you can effectively monetize your event blog.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from your blog. You promote products for others and get a share of the sales you make. It’s all about picking items that fit your blog’s theme or niche.

For example, if you write about music events, you might promote concert tickets or band merchandize. Each time someone buys using your special link, you get paid! This is called a commission.

WordPress blogs can use this method to make money too. So start choosing related products and add them in your posts!

Sponsorships and partnerships

You can make money from your event blog with sponsorships and partnerships. First, you need to build strong ties with event organizers. They can help you find sponsors for the events you write about.

Then, show these sponsors why it is good for them to work with your blog. Let them know how they will benefit from a partnership with you. There are many types of sponsorships they can choose from.

Each one offers unique advantages for them. You also have the option to sell other companies the chance to sponsor parts of your blog or event-related items on it. This way, both parties win and grow together.

Advertising opportunities

Advertising gives great chances to make money from your event blog. You can sell ad space on your blog to companies that want to reach your readers. Selling ads directly helps you earn more than using a network.

It’s smart to use this!

But always check the ads before they go on your blog. Make sure the ads are real and safe for everyone who visits your blog. This will help keep trust with your readers high while making you money at the same time.

More traffic on your site means more eyes for advertisers, so make good content! Good writing keeps people coming back again and again. You need lots of visitors if you want plenty of advertising dollars in online income from blog monetization.

Selling event-related products or services

You can make money from your event blog by selling event-related products or services. This is a great way to turn your blog into a profitable one in 2023. You might sell t-shirts, hats, or posters linked to the event you are blogging about.

If you write about food events, think about selling recipe books. Event marketing ideas will help you push these items on your blog. Try using some of the 89 monetization strategies listed in The Ultimate List for new ways to earn income.

It’s all about finding things that match your audience’s likes and needs!


Starting an event blog is fun! It lets you share your love for certain events with the world. Just follow these steps, work hard, and enjoy what you are doing. You will soon have a blog that people love to read and gives you money too!


1. What is an event blog?

An event blog is a website where one posts updates and details about specific events such as sports, music festivals or conferences.

2. Can I start an event blog if I am new to blogging?

Yes, anyone can start an event blog with the right learning materials and dedication.

3. How do I decide on what type of events my blog will cover?

Choose the type of events you are passionate about and have good knowledge in – this makes your job easier and enjoyable!

4. Are there any special tools required for starting an event blog?

No, just a computer or smartphone with internet access to create and update your blog posts is enough.

5. How can I attract visitors to my new event blog?

By creating engaging contents, promoting the blogs on social media networks, making SEO-friendly articles you can attract more visitors to your site.