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Off-page SEO (often called External SEO) describes activities beyond the website you want to rank. Usually, off-page SEO refers to building links, but can consist of other activities such as social media, raising brand name awareness, and PR efforts. This varies from on-page SEO because the focus of the work does not involve dealing with the page itself.

Crucial is the material of the page itself. Because on-page aspects are what your users most engage with, it's worth considerable effort to ensure your on-page SEO works well. Google can rank your page in hours, days, weeks, or months. A number of aspects identify the length of time SEO takes to work, including the popularity of the material, technical factors to consider, crawl budget, and a host of other aspects.

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Internal links, In Chapter 2, we talked about the value of having a crawlable site. Part of a website's crawlability depends on its internal connecting structure. When you link to other pages on your website, you make sure that online search engine spiders can discover all your website's pages, you pass link equity (ranking power) to other pages on your site, and you assist visitors navigate your site.

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Link availability, Hyperlinks that require a click (like a navigation drop-down to see) are frequently concealed from online search engine spiders, so if the only links to internal pages on your site are through these types of links, you may have trouble getting those pages indexed. Choose rather for links that are straight accessible on the page.