Privacy Policy

At, we highly value and prioritize the privacy of your personal information. We believe in transparency and would like to provide you with detailed insights into the types of personal data we gather and collect when you navigate our website. Additionally, we’ll elaborate on how we ensure the security and protection of this information. It’s essential to emphasize that we never trade or sell your personal details to any third parties, underlining our commitment to privacy.

Log Files:

Much like many other websites, we utilize log files to collect and analyze specific data. These log files contain valuable information such as your IP (internet protocol) address, the internet service provider (ISP) you use (like AOL or Shaw Cable), the browser you used during your visit (e.g., Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox), the timestamp of your visit, and the specific pages you accessed throughout our website.

Cookies and Web Beacons:

To enhance your browsing experience, we employ cookies that store information, including your personal preferences when you explore our site. This functionality might involve displaying a popup just once during your visit or granting you access to certain features, such as forums.

Affiliate Disclosure Policy:

Running and maintaining our blog involves various costs, including hosting, design, paid tools, and content services. To offset these expenses, we occasionally incorporate affiliate links in our blog content. This means that if you purchase a product using our affiliate link, we earn a small commission, without any additional cost to you.

Furthermore, we incorporate third-party advertisements on to support our website. Some of these advertisers may use advanced technology like cookies and web beacons during their ad campaigns on our site. These technologies enable advertisers, including Google through the Google Adsense program, to gather information such as your IP address, ISP, the browser you used to access our site, and in some cases, whether you have Flash installed. This information helps in geo-targeting advertisements and displaying ads based on specific sites you’ve visited.

You have the option to disable or selectively turn off our cookies or third-party cookies in your browser settings or manage preferences in programs such as McAfee. However, it’s important to note that this may affect your ability to interact with our site as well as other websites, potentially hindering functionalities like logging into services or programs, such as forums or accounts. Your understanding and management of these preferences are crucial for a personalized and tailored browsing experience.