On Page SEO

SEO - What Is It Exactly?

on page seo

On page SEO refers to all the efforts that are made in order to make a site more accessible to online users.

Search engine optimization is basically the process of enhancing the quality and volume of site traffic for a particular website or a particular web page by search engines like Google, MSN etc

. The importance of on page SEO has become increasingly visible because many online business entrepreneurs are looking for more ways of generating leads and also more methods of making their products more visible to online buyers. One such method of advertisement is pay per click advertising. But this form of online advertising is quite expensive because you have to pay for every time your ad is displayed on a web page.

The most popular way of generating leads is through search engine optimization or SEO, which means that on page SEO is basically used to help a site gain position in search engines, especially in Google, MSN etc.

SEO is actually an on-going process, and the techniques that are used on a daily basis for optimizing a site are actually adopted and refined depending on the current state of competition and on the type of site

. There are various on page SEO techniques like onsite optimization, off page optimization, on page duplication, keyword phrase development, meta tag management and link building techniques.

On the other hand, off page seo deals with strategies like article marketing, directory submission, blogs posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, press releases, forum posting, web directories, directory submission, link popularity building, back linking and many more. Basically, off page SEO mainly emphasizes on making web pages fresh and informative so as to attract search engines like Google, MSN etc. Another aspect of off page SEO is about making your web pages search engine friendly.

This means that you need to create keywords and keyword phrases that are search engine friendly so that your site can gain position in search engines like Google, MSN etc

. Thus SEO or Search Engine Optimization is indeed the first step towards making your web pages unique and attracting search engines and subsequently, the desired traffic that you want your web business to enjoy.