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Internal links, In Chapter 2, we talked about the value of having a crawlable website. Part of a website's crawlability lies in its internal linking structure. When you link to other pages on your site, you guarantee that search engine spiders can discover all your site's pages, you pass link equity (ranking power) to other pages on your website, and you help visitors navigate your site.

Link ease of access, Links that require a click (like a navigation drop-down to see) are typically concealed from search engine crawlers, so if the only links to internal pages on your site are through these types of links, you might have difficulty getting those pages indexed. Choose rather for links that are straight accessible on the page.

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Listed below, you can see an example of what a hyperlink without anchor text and a link with anchor text would look like in the HTML.Keyword Text On live view, that would appear like this: The anchor text sends signals to browse engines concerning the content of the destination page. Take care not to overdo it, though. A lot of internal links utilizing the very same, keyword-stuffed anchor text can appear to search engines that you're attempting to manipulate a page's ranking. It's finest to make anchor text natural rather than formulaic. Link volume, In Google's General Web designer Guidelines, they say to" restrict the variety of links on a page to a reasonable number ( a few thousand at many)." This belongs to Google's technical standards, rather than the quality standard area, so having too many internal links isn't something that on its own is going to get you penalized, but it does impact how Google discovers and evaluates your pages. A page just has so much equity to go around. So it's safe to say that you must just link when you indicate it! You can discover more about link equity from our SEO Learning Center. Aside from passing authority in between pages, a link is also a way to assist users navigate to other pages on your site.