Why First 6 Months Blogging is the Hardest: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Navigating the first six months as a blogger can feel like walking a tightrope blindfolded. With an overwhelming 60% of bloggers quitting in this initial period, it’s clear that many stumble into common pitfalls.

This post is your safety net, guiding you past the steep learning curve with hard-earned advice and insights from seasoned bloggers. Ready to conquer your blogging journey? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • The first six months of blogging are hard. You face troubles like making money, getting people to visit your blog, and writing posts often.
  • Making money from a blog takes time. It needs many visitors and good plans for growth.
  • Traffic is key to a successful blog. Avoid mistakes, track progress with KPIs, and work tirelessly every day to see better results.
  • Be steady in your posting schedule as it builds trust with readers.
  • Building an audience for your blog requires understanding what readers want and engaging them on social media platforms.
  • Patience is vital in the tough times when progress seems slow or non – existent. Stay committed!
  • Many think blogging can make you rich fast but this usually isn’t true. Blogging should be viewed as an online business demanding effort over time for fruitful rewards.

Challenges Faced During the First 6 Months of Blogging

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As a new blogger, the first six months are often riddled with challenges such as struggling to monetize your blog, attracting traffic consistently and maintaining post regularity.

Difficulty making money

Making money can be hard in the first 6 months of blogging. This is true for about 73% of bloggers out there. They find that getting their blog to make some cash takes time, usually between six to twelve months.

Why so long? To start with, you need people visiting your blog – lots and lots of them – before you see any real profit. Plus, making a good income from blogging doesn’t just come from writing posts.

It also needs smart plans on how to grow the blog and avoid mistakes that could slow down your progress towards success in blogging.

Struggle to gain traffic

Getting traffic to a new blog is tough. It’s one of the big challenges faced during the first six months of blogging. Many bloggers hope for quick results and get let down. But it can take many months, even up to 18, for lots of people to find your blog.

The Facebook route is also not easy. More than half of all bloggers say getting traffic from Facebook has turned hard in recent years.

Blogging mistakes like skipping over return on investment (ROI) or poor social media use can cost you. Avoid these common errors in your blogging journey to see better traffic growth.

Keep track with key performance indicators (KPIs) and make changes when needed.

Traffic matters a lot for any blog success. To keep high levels steady, you must work hard and smart every day.

Maintaining consistency

Keeping up a steady pace is part of the job in blogging. It can be hard. But it is very important. Many bloggers sometimes fail to keep things even and regular. This might hurt their work.

To avoid this, you need dedication and discipline. Blogging requires sticking to a plan even when not getting quick results. It’s like keeping your car on track during a long trip, staying true with reliability and endurance.

This steadiness will pay off over time!

Lessons Learned

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In the early phase of blogging, you learn vital skills like building an audience to interact with your content. Patience plays a significant role, as success does not happen overnight in the blogging sphere.

Crucial above all is maintaining consistency; frequent and regular blog posts keep your readers engaged and coming back for more.

Focus on building an audience

Building an audience for your blog can be tough. It is not about writing a lot of posts, but about finding people who like what you write. Try to find out what your readers want and give it to them in your blog.

Engage with them on social media platforms too. This way, they become loyal fans of your work over time. Keep going even when it seems hard. Building an audience takes time but pays off at the end.

Be patient with the process

Blogging needs time and dedication. You may not see quick results in the first months. That’s okay! Blogging is like planting a seed, it takes time to grow and bloom.

In this process, you will face ups and downs. There might be days when you feel like giving up because progress seems slow or non-existent. Don’t give up! Show commitment, resilience, reflection are part of your growth journey.

Keep writing each day even if for just 5 minutes. Overcoming these hard moments makes you stronger as a blogger.

Consistency is key

Keep your blog steady. Regularity improves trust and makes people come back for more. Search engines also like fresh content. Posting new things often boosts your place in search results.

Repetition helps you become seen as a thought leader, too. Stay patient and keep at it daily. The key to a successful blog is keeping it up over time!

Common Misconceptions

Many hold misconceptions about blogging, like it being a fast way to riches and expecting instant success – discover why these are far from the reality of the initial blogging journey.

Continue reading to debunk these myths and set your expectations right!

It takes time to make money

Earning money through blogging is not instant. It’s a common wrong idea many people hold. Truth is, it takes time to see financial gains from your blog. Most bloggers start making money only after 6 to 12 months.

This might seem long but it’s part of the blogging journey towards success. There are no quick paths for this business growth. You need patience and persistence in the process of blog monetization.

Of course, there are some lucky ones! About one fourth of bloggers earn income within their first six months itself! Yet even they had to put in steady work and time investment for that outcome.

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme

Blogging is not a fast way to make money. Yes, some bloggers do make profits, but most of them have spent long years building their blogs. It’s like any business – it needs time to grow.

You won’t earn big bucks in the first few weeks or even months. But don’t lose hope! Even if only 27% of bloggers start earning money within the first 6 months, you can still be one of them with hard work and patience.

So keep writing good content and let your blog mature over time. Don’t view blogging as a quick path to wealth but rather as an online business that has rich rewards if handled correctly.

Don’t expect immediate success

Blogs don’t boom overnight. Growing a blog is like planting a seed. You water it, take care of it and wait for it to grow. So, blogging needs time and patience too. In the first six months or even a year, you may not see big wins.

But that’s fine.

Slow growth does not mean failure in blogging. It’s part of the learning curve every blogger faces in their journey. Instead of focusing on immediate success, keep working hard on your blog day by day and stay persistent! With constant effort, personal growth will come along with financial growth in due course.


In the end, the first half-year of blogging can be tough. Yet, these challenges help you grow as a blogger. By being patient and steady, success will come. The journey may be hard but it’s also full of fun and learning.


1. Why is the first six months of blogging hard?

The first six months of blogging are hard because it takes time to create quality content, build an audience and learn about SEO.

2. What are common challenges in the first 6 months of blogging?

Common challenges include creating good content consistently, getting traffic to your blog, understanding SEO and finding time to manage the blog.

3. What can I learn from these early challenges in blogging?

You can learn how to write better posts, improve SEO skills, manage your time effectively and understand your reader’s needs.

4. How long does it take for a blog to become successful?

It often takes several months or more for a new blog to gain traction and see steady growth in readership.

5. Are there ways to make the first six months of blogging easier?

Yes, by learning from other bloggers’ experiences, using helpful tools for writing and scheduling posts, you can make the initial period easier.